About Us


Born and bred in the heart of Japan’s culinary culture, tofu, fried-tofu, and soymilk have evolved from being mere traditional foods. Today, they are globally recognized as the ideal health foods, winning praise from far and wide. At Takai, our promise is to respond with sincerity and a wealth of experience, providing total planning from soymilk beverages to tofu and deep-fried tofu production facilities, and extending to collaboration in their production technology.
To ensure that tofu, deep-fried tofu, and soymilk are loved by more and more people… We, at Takai, continue to take on challenges alongside the industry.

All for our clients and consumers.
By flexibly responding to our customers’ needs, we propose systems that bring joy and satisfaction.
Additionally, we are committed to supporting the creation of tofu that is safe, delicious, and desired by consumers. Our guiding principles are:

  1. Prioritizing hygiene,
  2. Streamlining processes,
  3. Committing to taste.

As the health food for the next generation, we are determined to support the tofu and deep-fried tofu industry from every angle.


Research for Making
Tasty and Safe Tofu

We provide extensive support to ensure food safety and the delivery of tasty and safe tofu to customers, including the selection and cleaning of raw materials, proper heating, removal of foreign substances, cleaning and sterilization of equipment, and prompt cooling to prevent the growth of bacteria.


Over 100 Years’

Izaemon Takai, the founder of Takai opened its tofu shop in the beginning of Meiji era. His strong will to deliver tasty tofu to many people has been handed down from generation to generation. One of his offsprings, Kamejiro Takai started the mechanical manufacturing of tofu in 1917.
Now, Takai is a leading tofu manufacturer in the world. We offer our customers all over the world the best solution for their tofu production. With our over 100 years of expertise, we can propose a tofu production line of any size.


Company NameTakai Tofu & Soymilk Equipment CO.,
EstablishedJuly, 1917
Capital30,000,000 JPY
Headquarters & FactoryInari 1-1, Nonoichi City,
Ishikawa Prefecture
921-8564 Japan
TEL: +81-76-248-1355 (main)
FAX: +81-76-248-5457
Products &
Firm tofu production equipment
Soft tofu production equipment
Filled tofu production equipment
Deep-fried tofu production equipment
Fried bean curd and deep-fried bean curd production equipment Vegetable-mixed fried tofu production equipment
Tofu skin production equipment
Soymilk beverage production equipment Tofu and soymilk sterilizer
Packaging and boxing equipment
CIP and various other cleaning equipment
Major Correspondent BanksHokkoku Bank, Nonoichi Branch
Hokuriku Bank, Kanazawa Branch
Shoko Chukin Bank, Kanazawa Branch
Japan Finance Corporation, Kanazawa Branch Fukui Bank, Nonoichi Branch
Mizuho Bank, Kanazawa Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Kanazawa Branch Noto Kyoei Shinyou Kinko, Nonoichi Branch Kanazawa Credit Bank, Nonoichi Branch