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Deep-Fried Tofu Continuous Line

This continuous line was developed to stably produce a large amount of deep-fried tofu.
Accurate control enables efficient production of high-quality deep-fried tofu.
We propose the optimal system based on factory space, layout, and production volume.

Handmade-style Fryer

This fryer realizes the goodness of handmade frying through various innovations. 
Deep-fried tofu is gently scooped up with a net while being flipped during removal from the oil.
It is a fryer that take care of each tofu one by one, just like a hand-made one.

Capacitance200V , AC 3.5kW
※ Depends on various conditions

Rotary Fryer

The well-established rotary fryer is the most superior model for efficiently producing deep-fried tofu.
The vibration device, separate from the concentrated control panel, allows you to choose the number and speed according to the dough and deep-fried tofu without any relation to the frame drive motor, enabling product making according to your preferences.

A: Pan bottom length
B: Fryer frame width

WFull widthB+460mm
HFull heightB+460mm
Capacitance200V , AC 3.5kW
※ Depends on various conditions

Save Fryer

The important processing point of the small deep-frying shaped in diameter conical is oil degradation and gas consumptions. One of the solutions is improving oil turnover rate, increasing the proportion of oil absorbed by the products, and suppressing the overall oil degradation. To achieve this, it is necessary to maintain sufficient oil temperature while putting a large amount of tofu in the oil tank, and the forced combustion method can supply high-calorie heat for such needs.

Capacitance100V , AC 40W
200V , AC 0.65kW (50Hz)
200V , AC 0.52kW (60Hz)
※ Depends on various conditions

Covered Fryer

We also offer types that prevents to oil smoke and contaminants.

Capacitance100V , AC 0.5kW / 200V , AC 2.0kW
※ Depends on various conditions