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Various Continuous Lines

Numerous original and proprietary technologies (patented) enable the industry’s highest production capacity

1.Control System with Excellent Stability
Mixing soy milk and coagulant in a continuous line is an important process for stably producing high-quality products.
Our company uses a proprietary in-line agitator, and for soy milk and coagulant supply, we adopt high-performance pumps with excellent stability. By implementing PID control, the overall reliability of the line is enhanced.
2.Color Touch Panel
The control panel comes standard with a color touch panel, ensuring that the machine’s schematic displays are visually easy to understand and simple to operate.
3.High-Temperature Aging & Automatic Cleaning Compatible Coagulation Aging Section
Our original SUS steel belt, which is unparalleled by competitors, ensures excellent sealing and uniform high-temperature aging of tofu from all sides during coagulation.
4.Original SUS Steel Belt (patented)
By integrating heat-resistant silicone rubber on both sides of the steel belt, there is no need for side belts, and there are no issues such as tofu cracking during coagulation due to speed discrepancies, which become more severe with larger sizes.
In addition, there is no trouble with belts breaking during production or cleaning, rendering the machine inoperable. The design is structurally simple and significantly more hygienic and washable than conventional food belts.
5.Integrated Side Belt (patented) for the Forming (press) Section
Our original lower caterpillar has a patented U-shaped design on both sides, gently wrapping the tofu along with the lower cloth. The absence of side belts makes it simple, hygienic, and easy to clean. There is no need for difficult speed synchronization or troubles like belt breakage.
6.Original Side Cover
The latest model has improved sealing with an easy-to-open-and-close sliding type.
7.Gently Invert the Tofu
By gently inverting (patented) the firm tofu before packing, a clean surface is presented on the top of the tofu pack (film side), increasing its commercial value.
8.Loss Recovery Equipment
Losses before and after production or during switching can be easily recovered.
9.Cutting and Packing Capability is Industry No. 1
Our original mechanism (patented), which cannot be replicated by other companies, allows for gentle cutting and packing of soft tofu.

We offer a lineup of various continuous systems that can accommodate not only tofu but also deep-fried tofu and deep-fried soft tofu.

  • Soft tofu
  • Firm tofu
  • Deep-fried soft tofu
  • Deep-fried tofu
Production Capacity 500 to 15000 P/h