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Soybean Pneumatic Conveyor

This machine conveys soybeans using air. Small dust mixed in the soybeans can be removed by attaching a special dust cyclone.
We also offer a water transport type.

Pneumatic Conveyor
LW1W2HHose ø
Model 5F, 3.7, 5.5 kW1230635108566275
Model 10F, 7.5 kW1232874113066275
Model 15F, 11kW158075511901030100
※ Depends on various conditions
Dust Cyclone
LWHHose ø
Model 5F, 3.7, 5.5 kW500550180075
Model 10F, 7.5 kW500600190075
Model 15F, 11kW5006502300100
※ Depends on various conditions

Magic Loader

This equipment inhales soybeans from soaked soybean pits or soaking tanks by installing on the fixed-quantity-measurement hopper. It can stably inhale even the large amount of soaked soybeans as well.

Model R4 0.55kW0.8kW
Model R51.3kW1.9kW
※ Depends on various conditions

Bean Curd Refuse Feeder

A device that divides wet bean curd refuse into appropriate amounts and transports it using a blower.
A new stainless steel model is now available.

RF- 5H 0.4kW520520
RF- 15H 0.4kW520630
※ Depends on various conditions

Okara Silo

Trucks can load Okara under the outlet of this silo.There are various size and types depends on unloading conditions.

RF- 5H 0.4kW730450
RF- 15H 0.4kW730450
Capacitance 200V , AC 1kW
※ Depends on various conditions

Soaking Equipment

In recent years, there has been a growing demand for improved hygiene in the soybean soaking process, which was often overlooked in the past.
Soaking soybeans in a hygienic environment is a condition for making safe and delicious tofu, even though it is a pre-boiling process.
This new-generation soaking equipment adopts a round, sealed-tank design that is resistant to dirt and enables automatic cleaning.
Additionally, options such as an operation record storage function are being developed to adapt to HACCP.

  • The round tank has a simple structure that is easy to clean and resistant to dirt.
  • The sealed design allows for automatic cleaning inside the tank.
  • Transporting soybeans with water is more hygienic than traditional air or conveyor transport.
  • The temperature and other conditions inside each soaking tank can be recorded and stored. (Optional)

On-land Type Soaking Tank

There are multiple types with a soaking capacity from 90 to 1200 kg considering the height of raw soybean in loading.
These tanks directly install on the floor and have optional features such as an automatic water supply, automatic drainage, and air cleaning system.

Raw Soybean CapacityABC
※ Depends on various conditions

Soaking Tank with Trestles

This design considers efficiency for the transport of soaked soybeans and workspace utilization.
Various optional features can be added.

Raw Soybean CapacityABC
※Max. raw soybean capacity: 1200kg
※ Depends on various conditions

Raw Soybean Distributor

This equipment is used to load raw soybeans into multiple soaking tanks and is mounted above the tanks.

3 tanks4 tanks5 tanks
Capacitance 200V, AC 1kW
※ Depends on various conditions
3 tanks4 tanks5 tanks
Width/600mm A 1990 2690 3390
B 700 700 700
Capacitance 200V, AC 1kW
※ Depends on various conditions