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Miracle 8 Eight α

This compact squeezer offers both power and technique!
Compact and simple yet offers excellent performance. For instance, long time and continuous operation is possible. Air pressure adjustment is stably operates as well. Also, submerged squeezing allows you to produce tofu without deformer.

Do not worry about the treatment as well! Easy adjustment to optimal conditions for various cases, circulation washing and easy maintenance must assist your production dramatically. Additionally, this model accomplishes the minimum amount of bean curd residue in this industry.

Outer DimensionsL1350×W500×H1500mm
Capacitance200V , 2.4kw
※ Depends on various conditions

Miracle Grinder

“Grinder without grinding stone” Soybeans can be ground to four different grain sizes!
All contact parts are made of stainless steel and can be disassembled, so it is hygienic.
Moreover, this model contributes to no abrasive grains, no damages to the screen (squeezer), and securing longevity!
What you must be pleased is that running costs (energy-saving) are kept to a minimum.

(raw soybean)
Outer DimensionsL1050xW600xH800mm
Capacitance200V , 11.0kW, 15HP
※ Depends on various conditions

Soy Auto Σ

Integration of the soaked soybean hopper and inhaling conveyor into an energy-saving loader allows simple design like the Magic Loader, and installation constraints are eliminated.
A wide grinding surface and a compact conical grinder generate high-quality slurry while accommodating the processing capacity of the steam tank.
The steam tank with a safety device features a clamp steam tank that can be opened and closed with a simple operation.

(raw soybean)
Capacitance200V , AC 7.5kW
※ Depends on various conditions
(raw soybean)
Capacitance100V , AC 1kW
200V , AC 8kW
※ Depends on various conditions
(raw soybean)
Capacitance100V , AC 1.5kW
200V , AC 8kW
※ Depends on various conditions

Clean Grinder

This is an enclosed type stainless steel (SUS) body specification grinder, with improved sanitation and the ability to perform recirculating cleaning.

CapacityBatch: 180kg/h Continuous: 360kg/h
Outer DimensionsΦ580×H1150mm
Capacitance200V , AC 3.7kW
※ Depends on various conditions

OEC Grinder

  • Produces clear soymilk and tofu with minimal grassy odor.
  • Easy to drink like milk and preferred by children who dislike soymilk and tofu.
  • Enables uniform boiling, allowing you to attain the ideal soymilk and tofu.
  • Reduces the amount of defoamer and, applies to defoamer-free lines perfectly.
Name Submerged Grinder
Outer Dimensions W640×D1360×H1230mm (Main body only)
Power 3-Phase 200 V
Capacitance9.75kW (including 7.5kw grinder)
Grinding CapacityMax. 300kg/h (Brix 13%)
Body MaterialStainless
※ Depends on various conditions


This model is ideal for small-scale stores that produce a wide variety of handmade tofu products and for manufacturing specialized products in terms of functionality and price.

(raw soybean)
Capacitance200V , AC 1.7kW
※ Depends on various conditions

Miracle Thunder

Takai’s Continuous Boiling Device

  • A continuous boiling system that adopts numerous new mechanisms.
  • Achieves stable boiling even during long-term operation.
  • Available for defoamer-free soymilk.
  • Employs a tube-type heating and maturing section.
(raw soybean)
Outer DimensionsW3000×D1500×H3200mmW3000×D1700×H3200mm
Capacitance200V , AC 8.8kW2200V , AC 8.8kW
※ Depends on various conditions

Slurry Deaerator

  • A new concept in slurry deaerator.
  • Removes bubbles, which are the main cause of uneven cooking.
  • Continuously processes without reducing boiling capacity.
  • Reduces the burden of separation (squeezing) in later stages.
  • Automatic cleaning linked with the boiling device is possible.
Outer DimensionsW1050×D1100×H2450mm
Capacitance200V , AC 3.7kW
※ Depends on various conditions